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Name Type Size Last Mod Date Notes
myfiles-1.2.2.tar.gz FILE 14310 06-27-2011 19:27 Samples in the myfiles-auth.php file are a bit easier to understand (allows domain=localhost and project=all). A more meaningful error message is provided when the php.ini upload_max_files is too small.  
myfiles-1.3.0.tar.gz FILE 16173 06-27-2011 19:27 Moved conf and auth files to provide more security. Warnings are a bit more informative. Fixed compare function used in sorts.  
myfiles-1.2.1.tar.gz FILE 13466 06-27-2011 19:27 Replaced the referred_by variable with the originating referrer and logs this. Changed how the compare function for sorting works and several other minor changes. Made the sample authorization file a bit easier to use and improved how the domain and project settings work.  
myfiles-1.2.0.tar.gz FILE 13431 06-27-2011 19:27 Lots of changes to replace deprecated code and become more php 5.3 compliant. Also added the ability to control the file note size. myfiles-auth.conf can now have comments which should help with installation/configuration.  
myfiles-1.0.tar.gz FILE 11637 06-27-2011 19:27 First release - use at you own risk! Quick-n-dirty file upload and download control  
myfiles-1.1alpha.tar.gz FILE 0 06-27-2011 19:27 This is a zero byte file - never got released and so this is just a place holder. It was alpha code only.  
myfiles-0.02.tar.gz FILE 11377 06-27-2011 19:27 A crude php tool to display, and manage files in a directory - allow uploads, gather statistics etc.